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Competitive Business Environment; Open Source Technologies to the Rescue.

As Organizations continue to devise ways of reducing operational costs while ensuring efficient service delivery, the need to make a paradigm shift from proprietary software to open source may be considered. Making such decisions remains a senior management responsibility. The dynamic business environment remains competitive and the maximum amount customers are willing to pay for these services become the primary business case.

Staying afloat and retaining customers call for an assessment of business processes and re-engineering. Laying off employees may not be the ideal option but reviewing the cost of software licenses might prove to be a better alternative. Software license could be proprietary or open source. It is a known fact that proprietary software is more expensive than open source software. There is also a general perception that opens source software has a lower security standard when compared to its rival. However, its immense benefits outweigh its risks and its risks can be mitigated to an acceptable level in relation to business operations.

Across industries, Open source applications are the most downloaded and deployed in production environments because of its low developmental costs, custom innovation through access to source code and its compatibility with rapid application development tools.

While open source software enables businesses of all sizes, it is also advisable that the development passes through a development lifecycle to ensure that value is gained, risks are mitigated and security is guaranteed.



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